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Raghu's Story

In a world where career aspirations often conflict with personal duties, our founder Raghu's story is an inspiring testament to determination and empathy.

While working at IBM's Asia Pacific headquarters in Tokyo, Raghu received a tempting offer in the United States. However, it required leaving his aging parents in India. Raghu grappled with the significant choice between career progression and familial obligations. Fortunately, fate intervened, presenting another compelling opportunity in India.

Some years later, when Raghu's parents needed care, he realised the lack of support for caregivers and aging individuals in India. This realisation prompted him to take action. In 2015, after working at CISCO for two years, he chose to address the challenge of balancing caregiving for elders with professional demands, rather than pursuing corporate advancement.

Raghu delved deeper into the issue, identifying India's rapidly aging population and its unmet needs. He saw a demand for elder-centric products and services and decided to provide a comprehensive solution. He founded EldersIndia, a platform that caters to seniors' diverse needs, from healthcare to financial security, social interaction to recreation.

The journey was not without challenges. Raghu and his team painstakingly built a network of service providers, transforming their dream into a reality. Their persistence paid off when Sonata Software became their first corporate partner, launching a groundbreaking pilot program.

EldersIndia, born from one person's determination and compassion, has become a beacon of hope for the elderly and their caregivers. It symbolises the power of unwavering commitment to a noble cause.

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Vision of EldersIndia

- To provide holistic care, dignity and better quality of life to elders

- To enable Corporate India to support their employees in caring for their elders, while being emotionally connected and productive

- To build an ecosystem of service providers who can grow their own presence and create employment opportunities

Meet the team.

Discover the faces behind EldersIndia's mission

K S Raghunandan

Founder and CEO

Raghu is an IIM Calcutta alumnus with over 25 years of executive management experience. He previously held key roles as Managing Director for India & SAARC at CISCO Services and in senior leadership at IBM, excelling in Sales, Services, Business Development, and Finance. Raghunandan's expertise lies in establishing and scaling organizations from scratch.

Reema Bose Suri

Co-founder and CCO

Reema is a seasoned HR leader with 20+ years of experience at organizations like Airtel and Sun Pharma. Her firsthand experience witnessing the struggles of employees juggling their professional commitments and family well-being has helped her recognize the gap in the quality of life for seniors​.


Head of Operations

With over three decades of experience, primarily in BFSI with organizations like ANZ GB, Max New York Life, and IPRU, Omprakash is a seasoned professional. His expertise lies in sales, marketing, customer service, and business operations.



Shagufta is armed with a PGDM degree from Mount Carmel Institute of Management with an overall experience of 7+ years and possesses a 3-year background as an HR Generalist in the Telecom Industry.

Vinod S Pattar

Senior Developer and Tecnology Lead

Vinod, with a B.E. from VTU, boasts over 10 years of experience in crafting end-to-end technology stack solutions for startups, all while fostering exceptional teams.

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Who are we?

We are the ‘Only B2B2C Platform in India Enabling the Elder care system’

EldersIndia is an online platform that offers a wide range of senior care services for corporate employees and their elderly family members.

Employees are an important asset for any company, but they often have multiple priorities and responsibilities outside of work. One of these responsibilities is taking care of their aging parents or other senior family members. However, finding reliable and affordable services can be difficult.

The lack of a comprehensive platform for these services, inadequate digital infrastructure from existing providers, and limited resources can create challenges for corporate employees. This can ultimately impact employee productivity, leading to issues such as frequent unplanned absences, deviations from work hours, and mediocre performance.

Taking into account these three factors - the difficulties experienced by corporate employees, the absence of online resources for senior citizens, and the overall effect on businesses - EldersIndia offers a comprehensive solution.

Utilising our B2B2C work model, we have collaborated with specific service providers who cater to the needs of senior citizens. This allows employees to look after their elderly family members while remaining seated at their office desk.

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