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What benefits will I receive from EldersIndia if I opt to become a service provider?

Better reach as we have a PAN India presence and you can scale your business using our platform.

Promotional campaigns can be run on our platform periodically to increase the traction of business.

You can benchmark your services as feedback mechanism is available on our platform.

Do you charge for listing us on your platform?

No charges for listing you as a service provider on our platform.

How will the payment for services done by the customer?

In majority of the cases payment will be collected by the service provider on completion of services, and in exceptional cases the customer will pay thru the platform to EldersIndia which will be transferred to the service provider at the end of the calendar month.

Do service providers have the flexibility to change prices during the contract period?

Yes. Service providers have the flexibility to change prices, but the same needs to be communicated with EldersIndia in advance, for necessary edits / changes on the platform.

What will be the pricing structure for us on the EldersIndia platform?

The prices reflecting on the platform has to be identical with the with is quoted in the service provider price list.

Is there any cost to the service provider for association with EldersIndia?

For all business generated by EldersIndia platform to the service provider a commission is payable, which the service provider will deduct from payment received from the customer and transfer the same to EldersIndia at the end of every calendar month and vice a versa if payment is received by EI.

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