We Bridge the Disconnect Between the ElderWorld and the Corporate World.

Holistic Elder Care

Comprehensive senior care, embracing health, happiness, and well-being for every elder.

Our Offerings

Image from about corporate-offeringsCorporate Offerings

Our corporate offerings aim to prioritize employees' well-being through sensitization and awareness initiatives. This includes panel discussions, webinars, digital campaigns, and workshops on relevant topics.

Additionally, we provide employer-focused services such as eldercare consultation and the creation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for caregiving. Our support includes virtual or onsite Elders Day events, interventions to enhance elder engagement, assistance with policy creation, and suggestions for effective internal communication design.

Image from about communityCommunity Outreach

At EldersIndia, we recognize the need to raise awareness about the challenges of aging in our society, particularly in a country like India.

Through our community outreach program, we aim to initiate dialogues and conversations with experts and individuals on the ground. This includes conducting awareness sessions and providing information to help us broaden our horizons about what is achievable and the potential avenues to ensure a joyous journey of aging.

We are happy to collaborate with partners who share our vision to create necessary awareness about elder care within the community

Image from about package_for_eldersPackages for elders

We cater to every age group of senior citizen and their needs.

Apart from standalone services we also have packages tailored to an elder’s needs.

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