Personalized Packages


Elders Living Independently

Many of you may feel guilty that your parents or elders are living alone and you are unable to take care of them the way you want to, despite your good intentions.

With careful planning, support, and proactive measures, you can ensure that your elderly parents living independently are well taken care of and have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.


Elders Staying with family

We understand that balancing professional commitments, immediate family responsibilities, and taking care of your parents or elders can be quite challenging.

In such situations, seeking additional help can be a practical solution to support your elders' needs. Care packages can indeed be a meaningful way to address their emotional, physical, nutritional, and social needs. By providing tangible support through care packages, you can express your love and show your care for your parents in a thoughtful manner.


Elders with Limited Mobility

An elder in your home or a parent may have just returned from the hospital and maybe recovering from a surgery, injury or infection, or perhaps they have restricted mobility due to disability or are bed-ridden. In such a scenario, the right approach is to have special support to ensure their daily needs are taken care of with full focus and care within the confines of your house.


Preventive care

The saying "Prevention is better than Cure" holds true, especially when it comes to the well-being of our elders. Embracing proactive measures and addressing health issues early on can significantly improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. By doing so, they can continue enjoying their daily activities, hobbies, social interactions, and maintain a higher level of independence as they age.


Dementia care @home

If a parent or an elder has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's, it is essential to provide them with extra care to ensure their quality of life. Implementing a dementia care package can greatly improve their well-being and assist you in effectively managing the caregiver role.

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