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EldersIndia empowers corporates in India to provide comprehensive eldercare for their employees' elderly loved ones. Our platform and support system addresses the physical, social, emotional, and financial needs of seniors, promoting dignity and well-being in the ageing process.

EldersIndia is not only an engagement platform for corporate employees but also an intervention to showcase inclusivity & higher productivity

In progressive India, many corporates are fostering a culture of genuine care. Our platform provides comprehensive services and community support to address the challenges of family care responsibilities, caregiving, and emotional well-being.

Creating a supportive environment for caregivers in the workplace is now more essential than ever. In the aftermath of the challenging COVID years, the significance of acknowledging employees' personal responsibilities has multiplied. Our eldercare services aim to bridge the gap between work demands and family obligations. With our comprehensive support, we ensure that balancing family care and professional life becomes effortless.

Being present across India sets us apart in the elder care industry. Our unique services and extensive network of trusted partners allow us to offer nationwide coverage, making us a reliable choice in the field.

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What makes EldersIndia stand out compared to individual service providers?

EldersIndia brings together a diverse range of service providers from across India on a single platform. This convenient arrangement saves you valuable time, offering all the services you need in one place. Furthermore, the prices offered on EldersIndia are either equal to or lower than those found on the individual service providers' websites, eliminating any extra expenses.

Does EldersIndia provide support in regional languages like kannada, hindi, etc.?

Our service desk will make every effort to comprehend your inquiry and offer assistance in a thorough manner. If you have any particular preferences regarding the language or cultural background of the nursing attendants, physiotherapist, or home healthcare service provider, please inform us when booking the service. We will diligently work towards accommodating your requests and ensuring that the service provider strives to meet your needs.

What kinds of reports would the corporate receive?

Organisations will receive either monthly reports or customised reports upon request. These reports will encompass diverse information, such as the employee count, service trends, non-trending services, newly added services, and location-based coverage.

What safety measures do you take to safeguard employee data?

EldersIndia employs stringent measures to safeguard your personal information. We employ cutting-edge encryption techniques to secure the data we gather from you. Our trusted Cloud Services Provider ensures the utmost safety of your information. We have partnered with a premier cloud service provider that implements multiple security measures. These include virtual private clouds equipped with network firewalls, private networks with web application firewalls, restricted access to instances and applications, and secure encryption using TLS during data transmission across all services. We are also Safe to Host certified on data security

How to provide feedback on our services?

EldersIndia values and welcomes your feedback on any services you have utilised. You can conveniently share your honest opinions either on the website or through our app. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular service, you can escalate your query and our experienced Support team will help you resolve any issues.

Can I request for a demo?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to offer a demonstration. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at or book a time slot using our website calendar.

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