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Well-being is a personalized experience, and when it comes to eldercare, it can bring emotional stress, financial strain, and burnout. At our eldercare website, we provide the necessary support and preventive tips to help you navigate this journey of caring for your ageing parents effectively.

At EldersIndia, we take pride in being India's largest eldercare platform, offering you an all-inclusive range of services through a user-friendly portal

With us, you have the flexibility to select from a diverse range of products and services, guaranteeing personalized care and attention for your parents nationwide.

Our platform simplifies the process by connecting you with trusted and qualified vendors, ensuring easy access to top-notch resources in one convenient location.

Regardless of your location in India, our nationwide presence ensures that you can receive support for your elders anywhere in the country.

In addition, EldersIndia boasts a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who are ready to offer expert assistance and guidance, ensuring a seamless and efficient caregiving experience

Our commitment lies in enhancing the well-being of your elders and providing you with peace of mind as you seek the best care solutions for your loved ones.

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How can I book a service on the platform?

To sign up, please provide important information like your name and contact details. Include an elderly family member who requires the service. From our dashboard, select the service category you need and choose a preferred date and time for it. You can make the payment online or in cash once the service is completed.

What if a service I need is not available on the platform?

EldersIndia's goal is to serve a large number of corporate employees and senior citizens by providing a diverse range of services and products. We continually assess service providers based on their location to provide you with a wide array of choices. If a specific service is not available, we encourage you to contact us and take advantage of our feedback system. We will make every effort to find the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Can my elderly dependents access services over the phone since they are not familiar with today's technology?

EldersIndia provides a user-friendly app that is specifically designed for older adults. With this app, seniors can easily log in and access services independently. The app takes into consideration the unique needs of the elderly to ensure a hassle-free experience. Additionally, EldersIndia offers training to ensure that seniors can easily navigate and utilize the app's self-service features. In some cases, emergency services may need to be accessed directly by the seniors using the mobile app. However, in exceptional situations, EldersIndia can assist seniors by initiating a service request on their behalf over the phone. Regular training and usage of the app will ensure that seniors do not encounter any issues with using the platform.

Is it permissible for me to utilize the platform for individuals other than my parents?

There are no limitations to the number of users on our platform. Any member of your family, including yourself, can utilize our platform and benefit from the wide range of services it offers. Simply add the user to our platform, and either you or the user can directly book the service desired.

What is the process for giving feedback on the services?

The EldersIndia platform highly encourages and appreciates your feedback regarding any service you have used. You have the option to share your honest opinions on the website or through the app. If you have any questions or concerns about a specific service, you can escalate your query and our knowledgeable Support team will assist you in resolving any issues.

Is it possible for my parents and I to access services easily even though we reside in different cities?

We have formed collaborations with several national companies, who are operational in major cities across India, in addition to Bangalore. We have included a list of these cities on our platform, where customers can access their services.

What are the different services I can avail?

The EIdersIndia platform offers convenient access to various services such as healthcare, safety and security solutions, emergency and assistance services, wealth management, travel and leisure options, and a social network connecting all registered elders.

Is there an additional cost associated with using these services?

There are no additional or higher fees that you need to pay. EldersIndia has partnerships with various service providers and the company your child works for. When you use certain services on our platform, you will be given a promotional code that will give you the discount offered to corporate customers. Furthermore, if there are any special promotions or events happening, we will keep you informed and remind you about the special deals and discounts available.

Does EldersIndia offer help in regional languages like Kannada, Hindi, etc.?

Our service desk will make every effort to comprehend your inquiry and offer assistance in a thorough manner. However, if you have any specific preferences regarding the language or cultural background of the nursing attendants, physiotherapist, or home healthcare service provider, please mention this request when booking the service. We will ensure that the service provider strives to fulfill your requirements.

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