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About Us

EldersIndia is dedicated to empowering corporates and individuals to provide comprehensive eldercare in India. Through our platform and support system, we address the physical, social, emotional, and financial needs of the elderly.

Our services cover a wide range of holistic well-being - spanning home healthcare, assistance for the elderly, safety services, caregiving support, social activities, and financial security. We prioritise user-friendly interfaces and support for all stakeholders, making us India's first and only holistic B2B2C Eldercare platform.

Our B2B2C model caters to organisations and their employees, making elder care accessible, empathetic, and fostering an ecosystem of service providers.

EldersIndia is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to parents of corporate employees. Corporations subscribe to our offering through a digital platform, giving their employees access to our wide range of services.

On our platform, we offer services spanning home healthcare, elderly assistance, safety services, social activities, and financial security. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and support for all stakeholders, we go beyond being just a platform.

Our B2B2C model caters to all company sizes, making elder care accessible and empathetic.

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Eldercare services - a strong support
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How has EldersIndia supported me?


Shilpi Singh

Co-Founder, The Unhotel Company

During a recent international trip, EldersIndia demonstrated their exceptional service when my client faced a critical situation. Despite being stranded at Kolkata airport due to a missed connecting flight and receiving no assistance from the airline, EldersIndia swiftly stepped in to help. Their prompt and reliable assistance, even during odd hours, was truly commendable. They arranged safe transportation and assistance for the senior citizen in distress, ensuring a smooth return to the airport the next day. The peace of mind they offer is invaluable, especially in times of unexpected challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does EldersIndia provide?

The EIdersIndia platform offers a variety of services spanning home healthcare, elder support, emergency response, safety and security, recreational activities, wealth management, networking, socialising, caregiving support and more. For in-depth information about these services, please visit the What We Offer section on our website.

What happens if a service is not accessible in a particular location?

EldersIndia is available throughout India, and while we may not offer every service in every area, we are committed to finding a solution if a particular service is not available. We will work with existing providers or put in the effort to bring in new ones to meet the needs of our clients. So, no matter where you are, EldersIndia is dedicated to making sure you receive the care and support you need.

How can we access EldersIndia services ?

You can access our services through our mobile app for both Android and IOS users. There is also a desktop version to access all our services through our website.

Are these services offered directly by EldersIndia?

EldersIndia brings together a diverse array of service providers on its platform. We have carefully curated a variety of services that aim to simplify the lives of seniors and their children. Our goal is to facilitate the seamless transfer of services from these providers directly to the end users.

How do you select service providers?

EldersIndia meticulously chooses service providers with established credibility and a strong local presence. The platform ensures that only reliable and high-quality service providers are a part of our network. Furthermore, we consistently assess customer feedback and user ratings to uphold the ongoing satisfaction of our valued users.

I am based in Bangalore can my parents living in another city / place avail services on the platform?

Yes definitely, you can raise the request on the system on their behalf and it will be actioned accordingly.

Do you have any more questions?

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